St. Paul University Philippines International Health Research Journal


The Editor determines if the submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality or not to go through the review process. Sufficient means that manuscript meets the requirement established by the Editorial Board. If found to be qualified, she then assign the manuscript to 2 external reviewers for the peer-review. The reviewers submit their reports on their review of the manuscript along with the following recommendation to the Editor:

  • Accepted (without alterations)
  • Accepted with revisions
  • Major revisions
  • Resubmit

After the editor receives the reviewer reports that the Editor can have the same recommendations mentioned above. If two of the reviewers recommend rejection, rejection of the manuscript is immediate. The Editor has the authority accept or reject the manuscript based on the recommendations by one or two external reviewers.

The peer-review process is double blind, thus the reviewers do not know who the authors of the manuscripts are and the authors do not know who the peer reviewers are.